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Hanoi Youth Hostel is located in the center of Hanoi, middle of Old Quarter.

This cozy hostel is packed with all the amenities you would expect in hostel including: clean, safe, and spacious dorm rooms with FREE breakfast, FREE lockers, FREE wifi, FREE towel, a bar with many games at the lobby.

Relax and enjoy the leisure facilities of the Hanoi Youth Hostel which include a 24h bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a Internet cafe, a flat screen TV with international satellite television channels.

To make your trip a memorable experience, we also have a vibrant staff with diverse backgrounds to greet you.They will give you the scoop on exciting events, restaurants and night spots in Hanoi.

The 24 hour front desk service can provide you laundry services, motor rental,  tour to Sapa, Halong Bay, Cat Ba, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Sai Gon, bus ticket, airport  transportation etc.

A Vietnamese girl has tamed a fully grown wild elephant and keeps it as a pet

  • A Vietnamese girl has tamed a fully grown wild elephant and keeps it as a pet
  • It is used to help villagers work the fields, transport goods and build houses
  • She interacts with it despite the fact a single move has potential to be fatal
  • French photographer captured their heart warming relationship

These are the remarkable pictures of a young girl who tamed a fully grown wild elephant.

Kim Luan, who is part of the M’Nong ethnic group from central Vietnam, has now become inseparable from her pet elephant and the two are best friends. It is common in the M’Nong society to tame wild elephants before introducing them to the community and keeping them as domestic pets.The elephants are then used to work with the villagers in the fields, transporting goods and helping them build houses.

Kim Luan (right) plays with her pet elephant, which helps to transport goods and work the fields

The two are said to be inseparable and the old ageing elephant is happy to let Kim play around him

The now two appear totally at ease with each after Kim tamed the fully grown elephant from the wild

The pair are at total ease with each other and the gentle jumbo happily lets her play around it.

In Kim Luan's (pictured) village in central Vietnam, it is common for locals to have a pet elephant

In Kim Luan’s (pictured) village in central Vietnam, it is common for locals to have a pet elephant

French photographer Rehahn, 35, captured the heart-warming scene in Buon M’Lieng earlier this month.

He said: ‘Elephants are considered members of the community – everything related to them must follow M’Nong traditions.

‘As a foreigner I was very surprised to see this bond but for the M’Nong minority group it’s common to have an elephant in the garden – just like we might have a cat.

‘I felt the respect between both. The girl was more scared of me than the elephant.’

The photographer has lived in Vietnam for seven years, capturing some 45,000 photos of the country.

But this is the first time he has witnessed such interaction between M’Nong and their elephants.

He added: ‘It’s not dangerous for her – the elephants are peaceful until you try to do wrong with them.

‘But M’Nong live in nature with elephants and know how to keep them quiet.

‘It’s unique, plus the M’Nong don’t really wear traditional costume anymore which makes the photos more special.’

(Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2811291/Herd-one-girl-best-friend-elephant-Vietnamese-youngster-trained-JUMBO-sized-pet.html)


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Vietnam unveiled as the fastest growing tourist destination

By Jules

When the Post Office recently revealed their list of the fastest growing currencies in the UK, I was not surprised to see which destination was at number one – Vietnam!

The index is a good indicator of hot tourist destinations for Brits this summer and like us at PureTravel it appears they too love Vietnam holidays! In fact sales of the Vietnamese currency, the dong soared by a massive 68% this summer (June-August). The findings come from the highly respected UK Post Office which has 11,500 local branches across the UK.

In my opinion this should put Vietnam right at the top of the must-see destinations list for some wintersun and into spring 2013. The weather is distinctly autumnal right now in the UK so a long haul trip to Vietnam is ideal and even easier now that direct flights are operating between London Gatwick and Hanoi as we reported last year. And right now 1 GBP equals 33,760 VND which means that with just 29.61 GBP you can be a millionaire in Vietnam!

The rise in popularity is also attributed to the fact that several luxury resorts have also opened up in various locations throughout Vietnam. There is also a new airport planned for the southern Vietnam province of Kien Giang; the Phu Quoc International Airport is on schedule to open late 2012 and will dramatically increase accessibility of the Mekong Delta region. The Vietnamese government has pledged to invest more money on key tourist infrastructures such as leisure and entertainment complexes, even if the addition of tuk-tuks on the city streets of Hanoi has been vetoed.

At a recent meeting, tourism ministers of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar debated the feasibility of creating a ‘unified visa zone’ for the four countries, which would ease red tape for tourists visiting southeast Asia. If the system gets the go ahead its estimated that more than 25 million international travellers will visit the 4 countries, compared to 12 million foreign tourists last year (and 14% more than 2010). Of course once western travellers have made the journey it’s all the more attractive to combine several Southeast Asian countries at the same time. In fact many western tour operators already offer the multi-country trips so this move would be very appealing.

I’ve been lucky enough to have explored Vietnam, spending time in the usual Vietnamese tourist haunts; Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay and I absolutely loved my visit! I hope more travellers discover Vietnam for themselves and for some inspiration check out some of the weird and wonderful hotels you could opt for.

Imagine my excitement as well when I caught the BBC Top Gear Special which featured the three famous presenters; Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James |May traversing Vietnam on motorbikes travelling 1,000 miles from Ho Chi Minh City to Halong City. They had just eight days to complete the journey with various challenges along the way but I won’t reveal who won – all I can say is that you definitely need to catch up with the episode either on a cable TV station or via the BBC site. Fantastic viewing and very funny!

And if you’re curious as to which destinations came in positions 2-10, we have published the list; Top 10 Fastest growing holiday destinations revealed.


(Source http://www.puretravel.com/blog/2012/09/24/vietnam-unveiled-as-the-fastest-growing-tourist-destination/)


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